7 Money Making Models For Marketing Your Products With Webinars

1. Show and Tell - Show off your artefact on the Internet

- Use PowerPoint slides and Camtasia

- Show pictures, videos, 'how to' videos and software demos

- Use this as a pre-launch for your artefact (create hype)

- Give humans a bastard aiguille of your artefact afore they buy it

"Overcoming objections is the key to success on the Internet" - Steven Essa (e.g. you don't accept to appear out of the house... I'll appear to you)

2. Interview the Experts

- Send them the questions via email

- You don't even charge to talk

- Send an email to your account announcement this week's expert

- 14 weeks, 14 experts interviewed, 14 videos created, 14 transcriptions = your actual own eBook & Video Bundle!

- Advertise this artefact on your own sales page or website and do addition webinar to advance it

- Use gotowebinar.com to advertisement your webinars

3. Paid Webinar Series

- Add your new recorded webinar alternation to your associates website alms affairs one interviewed able per week

- This will actualize balance assets and will accumulate the visitors to your website (they will return)

- Consistently analysis your admirers afterwards your webinars (e.g. what did you think?)

4. Body Joint Ventures with added experts

- Actualize a 50/50 agreement

- Two humans announcement a artefact agency added attendees which agency added sales

5. Info-product conception device

- As mentioned aloft you can actualize your own online writing with Webinars

- Transcribe videos

- Actualize online writing to advance your product

- Accept MP3's created

- Videos are a abundant product

- Actualize an 'exclusive report' to body your opt-in list

6. Use a Webinar to up sell

- Humans adopt not to accept to apprehend things

- LONG sales pages can put a lot of humans off - a lot of barter are absent this way

- E.g. "as you accept brought this artefact on convalescent your golf would you like to appear my Webinar interviewing David Leadbetter next anniversary for FREE"

- Then action your aback end artefact at the end of your Webinar (this could be a $997 set of DVDS)

- They will be added absorbed to buy because they accept apparent you in the flesh

7. Action Resale Rights

- Action resale rights to your webinar series

- Creates a viral aftereffect as the videos are still affairs your artefact but anyone abroad is announcement it

- Give them a bright reseller's acceding with basal appraisement etc.

- Anyone will consistently be added absorbed to buy something if you are alms them a ROI or a business archetypal to go with it (e.g. "If you advertise just one of my Webinar alternation you will accomplish your money back")

I am traveling to achieve this commodity by giving you Seven Essa's Big Webinar Tips...

1. Money is in Information

2. Track your account and accommodate abundant advice and online writing (take surveys)

3. Accumulate it approved - weekly, monthly, daily

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